We are excited to keep sharing new stories of transformations that God has made through House of Refuge Sunnyslope! Stories like:


The loss of his father led Sam to drug addiction and prison. God has filled the empty void he had all his life, and he now has a family, home, and path into computer programming.

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Roberto used to struggle with alcohol and drugs. But God has blessed him with a wife, small businesses, and relationships where he can mentor and be mentored.

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God transformed Patrick’s life from a drug addict to a career in aerospace. He has served as a board member for our ministry and married a House of Refuge Sunnyslope gradudate.

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Lisa found herself in prison and struggling with addiction. After going through our program, she later became responsible for our women’s ministry and married a fellow House of Refuge Sunnyslope graduate.

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From divorce and struggling with addiction to restored relationships and a job as an MRI tech, Jesus has completely turned Jules’ life around.

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