Prison wasn’t easy. She calls those days “hard time.” She had practically no one in her life. But she devoted herself to studying God’s word. Today, she says, “I thank God for that time in prison, because it was that time that I welcomed Him into my life."

Old Life

Broken and lost. These are the words Lindsay uses to describe her old way of life. Her life before coming to the ministry included addiction, unemployment, homelessness, prison, and separation from her only child. Lindsay describes her old life as a very dark place.

“But God’s light can shine in the darkest of places.”

“When I came to the ministry I was able to be in a Godly place and a place of peace. His light came in and fixed me. He redeemed me. He restored me into someone I can be proud of today.”

New Life

“God has restored many areas of my life. I have my daughter with me now. He restored our relationship and now I share the word of God with her. I have maintained full-time employment and received multiple promotions. Now I am an office manager at a local cleaning company. I have gone from homeless to looking forward to purchasing my first home. “

“Yet, more than anything, my relationship with the Lord has been restored to what he created it to be.”

Favorite Verse

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:" Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV


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