About Us

HRS helps people who come from incarceration, addiction, and unemployment get back on their feet. We meet their physical needs for food, shelter, and safety. But our true passion is to pave the way for transformation by helping them learn practical life skills, engage in community, and provide them a home of restoration while sharing God's promise of an eternal home.

Preparing for Success

HRS uses a personalized “whole person” approach for each resident to include one-on-one mentoring, a structured job search process, and programs designed to meet other critical needs. As a result, our residents have great success in becoming self-sufficient and productive members of the community.

Food Bank

We also operate a food bank and kitchen in conjunction with St. Mary’s Food Bank which processes over 180 tons of food a year. This provides all of our food needs, helps 12 other ministries, and supports multiple families with weekly food boxes. Another key component is our high volunteer involvement.

Volunteer Driven

Over 12,000 volunteer hours per year keeps the ministry running, allowing us to keep a small staff. Volunteers serve as mentors and Bible teachers, as well as in practical areas such as child care, home repair, and food drivers.

Our Vision

Provide an earthly home of restoration and share God's promise of an eternal home.

Our Mission

Love. House. Equip.

Denna Evans

“Life is not always great but at the end of the day, it was all part of God’s plan and His perfect will. I can never get enough of God’s love. There is always something new in Christ!”

– Denna

We're here for you!

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