From Homeless to Grads Thanks to our Scholarship Program

The House of Refuge Sunnyslope (HRS) scholarship program is available for residents in good standing to attend college, trade schools, or earn certificates that help them to become job-ready. Many of our residents come from a situation that has left them homeless.

Recently, two women successfully used their scholarships to move into new careers.

Allison’s Story

Alison, graduated thanks to House of Refuge Scholarship Program

Alison graduated thanks to HRS Scholarship Program & is headed to a career in healthcare.

Alison is a current House of Promise resident who completed a 16-week course to be certified as a Health Unit Coordinator. After losing her job in a medical office, she was driving a cab until she suffered several heart attacks preventing her from working. Living paycheck to paycheck, then losing her job because of her illness, left her homeless. Once in our program, she found it difficult to get a job in the healthcare field because of new technology. She went back to school to get certified and go back to doing what she loves.

Angela’s Story

Angela started the paralegal program at Phoenix College while a resident at House of Hope. She moved out in 2016 but continued on to complete the program and is now seeking work as a paralegal.

Angela came to House of Hope with her 8 year old daughter.

Angela graduated thanks to House of Refuge Scholarship Program

Angela graduated thanks to House of Refuge Scholarship Program and is headed to GCU to continue her education.

The scholarship program at the House of Hope is such a huge blessing!

I was a proud recipient of the scholarship program back in January 2016. I was ineligible for any federal student aid because my student loans were in default due to my past struggle with addiction. I had to make 6 consecutive months of payments before becoming eligible for student aid. In the meantime, I was completely enthusiastic to continue my educational and career goals. There was no way I was able to afford going back to school without incurring more debt!

With the help of the scholarship program and generous donors, I was able to start school immediately with all my classes and books paid for. What a relief!

Today, I am proud to say that I am finishing up a paralegal program at Phoenix College this summer. And I am completely debt free!!!

I am so thankful for the scholarship program at the House of Hope. It definitely gave me the motivation, drive, hope and excitement to start this wonderful educational endeavor.

My plans are to continue my education at Grand Canyon University and obtain my bachelor’s degree. Who knows what’s next after that….the possibilities are endless with the help of the Lord!

House of Promise provides long-term transitional housing for women and House of Hope is for single moms with minor children. “In good standing” means they obey the program rules of staying sober, be working and attending bible studies and life-skills classes. Newcomers, if not working, have 30 days to get a job. The goal is to help them become self-sufficient.


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