Davey’s Story: From Hitting Rock Bottom to Owning a Paid-Off Car

Davey had hit rock bottom from severe drug addiction. He realized that there was no where to go but up. He went through the Native American Connection’s 45-day, inpatient rehab program.

Upon getting out, he made a conscious decision to not go home. His sister, Lisa, told him about House of Refuge Sunnyslope (HRS). He knew that he had to get out of the toxic environment if he didn’t want to go back to the way he was.

Davy, committed his life to Jesus Christ in rehab.

“My #1 desire is to follow Jesus, serve Him and stay sober.”

He’s been working at a Jiffy Lube where he worked his way up from an oil technician to a service specialist.

“It was tough going to classes and meeting all my obligations when I first got out of rehab.” 

He is grateful and feels blessed for getting major dental work done by Dr. Troy Stansberry of Northern Smiles Dentistry — a service that HRS provides.

Another way HRS helps its residents is their automobile program. HRS purchases used cars for around $2000 (or accepts vehicle donations) and arranges for the residents to pay it off. A resident has to be established in steady employment and be in good standing (stayed sober, attended dinners and bible studies) before they can qualify for the automobile program.

Davey wanted to get the car paid off, so he paid as much as he could. He had it paid off 2 months ahead of schedule!

“It felt really, really good to have the car paid off!”

He’s been in the HRS program for 22 months. He graduates from the program soon. Davey plans at that time to move in with his fiancé with whom he’s buying a house.

“God comes first in my life and it took a while for my fiancé to understand that.”

So, Davey went from rock bottom, to rehab, to gainfully employed, to being a car owner and soon to be homeowner. God can change lives.

Update 7/23/17: Davy successfully graduated from the program and moved out on 7/20 after being at HRS for almost 2 years. We wish him great blessings in his new adventure.

HRS accepts automobile donations. Click here for more information. 

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