Having Fun & Loving on Our House of Hope Children

Since 2009, House of Hope Sunnyslope (HHS) has housed over 70 single moms and over 100 children!

Every Tuesday the HHS moms attend life-skills classes and on Thursdays, Bible study. Our volunteers care for the childcare while the moms are in class.

We highly depend on our childcare volunteers.

Check out this fun video with some of our children and the quotes from some of our volunteers below…

Dear Volunteers,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for the time you give at House of Hope. You arrive at what should be the end of a busy day, only to put in a few more hours. But your time is more than just minutes passed by on a clock. I hope you realize these minutes fill the hearts of the children and ease the minds of anxious moms. These minutes together teach little hands to send messages of kindness instead of frustration. These minutes provide much needed hugs filled with love and build a safe environment filled with trust. The time becomes their safe-haven to learn to love, to laugh and to love with some of God’s greatest blessings… YOU!

Having Fun & Loving on Our House of Hope KidsMy purpose for volunteering in the childcare setting was to give back and help others in need. My husband, who volunteers once a week picking up groceries for the food kitchen, and I are also interested in having our 8 year old daughter participate when appropriate. Personally, I have really enjoyed gaining new experiences and insights in this setting. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to play and learn from the children and their mothers. Also, I have met some wonderful volunteers in the program. ~Andrea W.


I’ve been volunteering since Jan 2017. I started helping right after completing the House of Hope program.

I learned a new way of life and have been very successful. I want to give back a smile and help when I can. I believe in the program and know God dwells there.

I have been able to see both sides of how a childcare ministry works. It’s such a blessing to expand my knowledge and be a part of the stirring spirit. ~Desiree G

Having Fun & Loving on Our House of Hope KidsI have volunteered one night a month for the childcare ministry for about 2 1/2 years.

I attend Sunnyslope Mennonite church and had heard of the need for HHS needing childcare volunteers and since I teach Sunday school kids, I thought I’d be a good candidate to help out.

I must say, I started with the idea that it would be similar to my kids’ church class, and I could do crafts and lessons, but it’s very different and I sometimes feel out of my element and to be honest there are nights I would definitely rather hike, bike, curl up at home, but once I get to the church and help and see smiling happy babies, or see that a hug or a kind word lights up an older child, it is definitely a blessing to me. It’s also nice getting to know the other volunteers. I’m thankful for God pushing me out of my element to help His children, which in turn help me be a better person. ~Donna M.

I’m a new childcare volunteer. I have spent my whole adult life in the not-for-profit sector as a volunteer. I’m a snowbird and I love kids, so I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to serve. Spending some time with these precious children has been fun! ~Julie C.

We asked our Childcare Coordinator, Kelly V. for a quote…

“‘I Am a Child of God. I am no longer a slave to fear. He split the seas so I could walk right through it. He drowned my fears in perfect love.’- J.D. And Melissa Hesler. These words are the words I pray for every mother and every child who enters House of Hope. That they can find peace, strength and serenity even amoungst life’s greatest storms.

God created each one of us with an individual identity; creating each one of us with specific gifts and strengths. God wants us to go out into this world to use these gifts to help others ‘split the seas’ and to ‘drown those fears’ so they are ‘no longer a slave.’ He is using our love and our words in order for others to see the path He has for them.

At House of Hope, volunteers share their gifts and strengths with the children and their mothers. They share faith and give love in order to create hope. The volunteers’ strengths from God, combined with the helping of others creates a purpose. Our purpose… God’s purpose.

No one walks into the House of Hope perfect- not the staff, the volunteers, the moms or the children. We walk in together feeling the weight from a broken world, but with God’s grace we walk away from the ‘The House’ feeling very blessed.”

Want to help with our kids? Click here for more info!

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