We are setting the table for more people, and we need your help to prepare.

Your end-of-year gift will expand our capacity to serve more people with housing, meals, and life-changing support. Together, more families can find hope and a foundation to rebuild their life.

Right now, over 9,000 people are homeless. And that is JUST here, in Maricopa County

56% of those people are sleeping on the streets with no access to basic needs, a 22% increase in the past year. Nearly 2,000 children and their families are impacted by these sobering realities. These heartbreaking statistics are why we are so passionate about our mission here at House of Refuge Sunnyslope. Here, those experiencing homelessness are given opportunities to rebuild their life. Your gift helps us provide housing, meals, fellowship, and career services. Everything our residents need to beat homelessness.


Though they are in a challenging season of their life, our residents carry hope and gratitude. Despite facing homelessness, they have also experienced God's miraculous provisions. The tables they gather around, the food they eat, and the services they receive are all provided through the generosity of our donors.

"I can't even explain or describe how grateful we are..."

Like most families gathered around the holiday table, residents here will reminisce about the echoes of the year behind, and they will ponder the possibilities of the year ahead. Be a part of their story in 2023.

Dear God, thank you for your amazing power and work in our lives. This year I am grateful for:

Table Message