After struggling motherhood and a downward spiral, Denna made a call to House of Refuge Sunnyslope. There, God changed her life, helping her become a better mom, get a GED, and immerse herself in a new community.

June 2013 – April 2015

Old Life

Denna struggled with motherhood. She didn’t feel responsible enough to be the mom her daughter needed her to be. This led to a downward spiral that eventually brought her to House of Refuge.

“Things changed the moment I began to trust God with making choices that impacted me and my daughter. I love being a mom, and became a much better mom when I began to focus on new things instead of being selfish and doubtful.”

“I don’t know how I would have survived if I did not trust God and make that call to House of Refuge.”

New Life

Denna has held stable employment since leaving our program. She’s had her own place for over three years. She also got her GED and her driver’s license. Denna has been blessed with new friends, new purpose and a new attitude.

Favorite Worship Song

"God Is (1979)" by Rev. James Cleveland

Denna Evans

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