After being abandoned by her mother, Collette struggled with mothering her own child while fighting addiction. By God's power and the support of Christians, she now has a good job, has returned to college, and lives in an apartment with her son.

Old Life

Colette struggled with addiction. Raised by her father, after her mom abandoned them for addiction, she struggled with how to be a mom to her four-year old son. She was able to complete a rehab program and then came to House of Hope.

“When I first came to the ministry, life was very chaotic. I had no sense of direction or where I wanted to go in life. God has opened my eyes to what is really important in my life. He has changed my heart to seek Him."

“I’ve learned you must nurture your relationship with God every day.”

New Life

I have a good job I have held for four years. I have my own two-bedroom apartment with my son. I have new skills as a mom—God has shown me how to be a great mom to my son. I have returned to college after a five year break and will continue striving for my educational goals until I achieve them! My mentor and family support team, while in the program, helped me to connect with a church, and I still find time to attend a weekly Bible study.

Favorite Worship Song

"Different" by Micah Tyler


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