Make Reunification Possible for Another Mom Like Lindsay

Lindsay's Story of Reunification

Lindsay's story in her own words.

Lindsay was a successful professional with a staff of people who reported to her. She was a mom, too, with a beautiful little girl - that is, until addiction took everything away.

She lost her job. Lost her daughter. Lost her home — she found herself living on the streets. Ultimately, she landed in prison, sentenced to 13 months. Sitting in her cell, Lindsay wasn’t sure she would ever see her daughter again.

Which is where friends like YOU stepped onto the stage of Lindsay’s life. By God’s grace, Lindsay came to us, as a House of Refuge Sunnyslope resident.

“God restored me back to being a mother again,” she says. “A real mother who is raising her daughter to love Jesus.”

Today, Lindsay and her daughter are living in one of our properties. They have a beautiful, loving relationship. Mom reads Bible stories to her little one. It’s a whole new life – one that wouldn’t have been possible without the support of friends like you.

Today, you can give that kind of hope and restoration to another family like Lindsay's as a Home & Hope monthly partner.

Our goal is to add 50 new Hope & Home monthly partners this month to love, house, and equip single men and women transitioning out of prison and homelessness.

As you can see, we still have a fair amount to go and the end of the month is tomorrow!


Over the past year, we've seen an explosion in families struggling with homelessness.

Would you become a Hope & Home monthly partner today and help us reach more families this year? You’ll have the satisfaction of becoming the hands and feet of Jesus to someone in need each and every month - touching and transforming lives all year round!

Whatever you give, you’ll make a powerful impact in someone’s life.

Thank you for making this critical work possible in the lives of the single moms and dads we serve! Together, we’re redeeming lives and making reunification possible, one family at a time.

In Christ,

Julie Supplee
Chief Executive Officer