Our Kid’s Club served over 64 children last year! You are invited to become a part of that impact.

Nearly 2,000 children and their families are homeless. And that is JUST here, in Maricopa County.  Our child care program helps resident families get back on their feet.

Our mothers are working diligently through the ministry to build a sustainable and meaningful life. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, our child care program (called Kid's Club) provide an opportunity for our mothers to have focused time to achieve personal and spiritual growth, knowing their kids are being looked after. Together, we are creating a safe place for:

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This vital program makes it possible for our resident mothers to learn life skills, attend Bible studies and seek mentorship knowing that their kids are being cared for while they are away.



This is an opportunity to provide a safe and loving space for play and learning.



Kids have an opportunity to build connections with our program volunteers and other kids.


We are looking for volunteers that desire to build connections with our children and show them the love of Jesus. Many of our children come from rough backgrounds and have experienced some tough things in their short, little lives. We want to build a team of consistent individuals and create a space that feels safe, inviting, and fun. There are two age levels to choose from:


Nursery and Preschool

If you love to snuggle babies, play pretend, or read stories, then our Nursery and Preschool class may be the right fit for you.


Kindergarten through Middle School

Our school age kids range from Kindergarten through Middle School and there is an opportunity to introduce many of them to Jesus for the first time. We discuss a bible story, pray together, and play.



“It’s exciting to see them wanting to pursue knowledge.”

Child Care Volunteer

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