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Mailing volunteers

New Volunteer Opportunities – No Matter How Busy You Are!

Have you ever wondered how many volunteers a nonprofit organization should have before it hires a volunteer coordinator? Volunteers are the lifeblood of a nonprofit organization and House of Refuge Sunnyslope (HRS) is no different. In any given month, HRS can have 275 volunteers on campus, serving over 1200 hours. They mentor, help in the…
One of our House of Hope kids

Childcare Volunteers are a Tremendous Asset for House of Hope Moms

Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings are especially busy at House of Refuge Sunnyslope (HRS). Every Tuesday, House of Hope moms and House of Promise women gather with Christian teachers for life-skills classes. The classes can range from Celebrate Recovery to how to manage household finances and plan for the future. On Thursdays, it’s Bible Study time.…

A Volunteer’s Story: Where God Wanted Her to Be

Moira Winter started volunteering at House of Refuge Sunnyslope (HRS) approximately 18-20 years ago. She came to cook one night to cover as a favor for an acquaintance and stayed. Little did she know how God would use her in the next 20 years and beyond. Dinner with the guys She connected with the men.…
Having Fun & Loving on Our House of Hope Kids

Having Fun & Loving on Our House of Hope Children

Since 2009, House of Hope Sunnyslope (HHS) has housed over 70 single moms and over 100 children! Every Tuesday the HHS moms attend life-skills classes and on Thursdays, Bible study. Our volunteers care for the childcare while the moms are in class. We highly depend on our childcare volunteers. Check out this fun video with…
From the Director - Fall Message House of Refuge Sunnyslope

Choosing what Matters – From the Director – Fall Message

Every summer I hope to enjoy at least one good novel. This year I found The Secret Life of Bees. I enjoyed this story about finding family in unexpected places – where you are loved, where you are accepted and where you are challenged. That is House of Refuge Sunnyslope! In the middle of the…
Behind the Scenes: No Food Waste Here!

Behind the Scenes: No Food Waste Here!

Food Waste — it is a problem in America. The United States produces an abundance of food each year, but approximately 40% of it never makes it to people’s plates. Each year, 62.5 million tons of food winds up in landfills, costing the U.S. about $218 billion each year to grow, process, transport and dispose of food…
What is a Mentor? A Mentor's Powerful Testimony of Hope and Promise

What is a Mentor? A Mentor’s Powerful Testimony of Hope and Promise

Pat DeMott has served at House of Refuge Sunnyslope in various volunteer roles since the summer of 2011 and in 2013, she stepped into a mentor role at House of Hope.  God has been at work in the last few years.  Pat and three other women, who make up a Family Support Team, have come…