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One of our House of Hope kids

Childcare Volunteers are a Tremendous Asset for House of Hope Moms

Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings are especially busy at House of Refuge Sunnyslope (HRS). Every Tuesday, House of Hope moms and House of Promise women gather with Christian teachers for life-skills classes. The classes can range from Celebrate Recovery to how to manage household finances and plan for the future. On Thursdays, it’s Bible Study time.…
Having Fun & Loving on Our House of Hope Kids

Having Fun & Loving on Our House of Hope Children

Since 2009, House of Hope Sunnyslope (HHS) has housed over 70 single moms and over 100 children! Every Tuesday the HHS moms attend life-skills classes and on Thursdays, Bible study. Our volunteers care for the childcare while the moms are in class. We highly depend on our childcare volunteers. Check out this fun video with…
When You Hear God's Call You Focus on His Will

When You Hear God’s Call You Focus on His Will

One of our evening childcare volunteers, Allison, has been with us for about a year. Hearing a call from God, she’s leaving us to follow His will. Sadly, we say goodbye to one of our dear volunteers who is moving to Kenya for 6 months. Allison, we will miss you!! Thank you for all you’ve…