What do You See God doing in Your Life at this Time?

Every so often we ask our residents a question and include their responses in our newsletter. Today’s question is….

What do You See God doing in Your Life at this Time?

God changed my life!



“Keeping me clean and sober over 3 years. Same job since I’ve been out of prison — about 15 months. Went from laborer to shop manager and got my license back. All through God’s Will. Thank you.” 

God changes lives



“God is doing wonders in my life. God has changed my heart and my mind. God has given me peace. God has blessed me. Amen!”

God changes lives

Raquel and kids


“God is definitely working on me. I’m being refined and I’m using God’s love as an example to give myself direction in my every hour-to-hour, minute-to-minute and day-to-day.”

God changes lives

Heidi and kids


“I see Him opening up so many doors and giving my family so many opportunities. I am acknowledging Him more and more and my relationship is starting to actually improve since I have become more independent. Yes, I have had a few hard things to overcome, but even through the hard things, he has never let me down. And he is still there for me and my kids and He does love us. I can’t even put into words how grateful I am to be here!”

God changes lives

Trinidad & Kids


“God has opened doors for me today. God’s number one! Thank you, Jesus! Today at work I was on drive-thru and I was so happy about it. He has blessed me with amazing new friends. He blessed me with a new chapter in my life and a different me than I was before. He brought me closer to my family. I am so grateful for His work!”

God changes lives



“I see God teaching me patience, love, and self-control. I see Him leading me into a path of helping others direct their lives into a positive lifestyle. I see Him lighting my path in life and showing me compassion and understanding.” 

God changes lives



“Keeping me calm when I feel stress in my life.”

We plant the seeds and water them, but God is the only one who changes lives!
1 Corinthians 3:6

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