A Living Testimony of Refuge, Hope and God’s Promises

Tommy, one of our House of Refuge Sunnyslope (HRS) program graduates from 2011, is a living testimony of “Refuge, Hope and God’s Promises”...

Tommy had…

“…made some pretty poor decisions in life … ended up doing a couple of years in prison…”

From prison, he was seeking refuge…


…he started feeling the warmth and love of Christ…

He got back something he was missing in his life — HOPE.

God always says “Yes” to His Promises:

  • Safety
  • A sustainable, successful career
  • Getting his driver’s license back
  • Loving people surrounding him
  • A new wife
  • A new baby
  • His children back in his life
  • Sobriety for the past 10 years

“All I can do is say ‘Thank You” to Jesus Christ for these promises… The Hope that He’s given me and the Refuge that He’s allowed me to have throughout these years.”

Help us continue to do God’s work so we can have some more living testimonies…

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