Give With Purpose

His family hails from Mexico, but Jesús is a U.S. citizen. He was not, however, always a “model” citizen. In his youth, he made some terrible choices. With a warrant out for his arrest, Jesús ran from the law, fleeing to his ancestral home. It felt like he had gotten away with it. Mexico seemed like a place of safety. Life went on. Jesús married, and raised two daughters. But he could never come to a place of rest.

The worry, the guilt, the burden of that warrant in his own country, hung on him like a millstone. Finally, the day came when he could bear it no longer. Jesús and his wife agreed: He would return to the U.S., turn himself in, serve his time, and return to his family in Mexico to begin a new life.


He dreamed of leading his family on a path of freedom, into a future without his past hanging over their heads. But after serving his prison time, released on probation, Jesús needed help. He couldn’t leave the U.S., couldn’t yet return to Mexico, but he had no home, no job, no way to survive. Jesús needed you.


Thanks to your generous support of House of Refuge Sunnyslope, Jesús found a family of committed friends ... a place of support ... a source of hope. In this warm, stable environment, with the faithful witness of our dedicated workers, Jesús strengthened his relationship with Jesus. As he grew in faith, and with the gentle guidance of our ministry team, Jesús began laying the building blocks for achieving his goal: to reunite with his wife and children, and become the husband and father God had designed him to be.

By God’s grace, your generosity made it possible.


Here at House of Refuge Sunnyslope, Jesús — who had once failed to be a model citizen —now succeeded in becoming a model resident. Within days of his arrival, he had landed a steady job. He diligently saved his money, and soon had enough to buy a car for his wife in Mexico, who urgently needed transportation in order to function as a single mom. Month after month, Jesús sent funds home to provide for his children. And along the way, his probation officer was pleased to see him satisfying every detail of the terms of his probation.


Christmas came early this year for Jesús and his family.


Just a few weeks ago, Jesús proudly graduated from House of Refuge Sunnyslope. You can see that wonderful moment for yourself, in the photo: That’s Jesús accepting his graduation certificate ...along with a “moving on” check to cover his transition expenses. The very next day, he was joyfully reunited with his family in Mexico. He is a changed man, with a changed heart, a man living for God and leading his family with wisdom and love. God did the work, but your giving paved the way.

This Christmas, as you celebrate the birth of Jesus, you can celebrate the rebirth of Jesús, knowing that you helped make it happen. And I hope you will help this happen for the next person who turns to us, lost and alone, needing a safe haven, a place to regroup and restart.


Your Christmas gift of compassion today will provide someone in need with safe shelter, good meals, basic necessities of life — and healing through wise Christian counsel... intense, personal, heart-to-heart ministry. Our team will be here for them, thanks to you ... and you’ll be with them in spirit.


To welcome and care for the next needy soul will take an average of just $31.03 a day ... or $217.22 a week. My prayer is that you and other friends of this ministry will give a generous gift of compassion today.


Could you provide a few days of care, or even a week? Maybe God has blessed yougreatly, and you could give $310.30 for 10 days of care, or even more.


I simply ask you to do whatever the Lord leads you to do. As each of us follows His leading, we’ll be able to welcome the next one in need with a joyous message of hope: Yes, there is room at the inn for you.


I hope to hear from you soon ... and I wish you a wonderful Christmas. God bless you for your response of Christ-like compassion today!


In Christ,

Julie Supplee



P.S. As you give, you can actually get your donation back through the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit: Gain a dollar-for-dollar credit against your 2021 taxes (not just a deduction) — up to $400 if you file singly, or up to $800 if filing jointly. It’s literally like giving for free. How generous can you be? Whatever you feel led to give, God will use it to change a life! Thank you again.