We are in need of qualified individuals to donate by providing professional services to our residents. Having these services available to our residents in good standing can make a big difference in helping them to get back on track in life.   Would you consider helping one resident each year with these needs?

  • Medical Assistance
  • Dental Assistance
  • Legal Counsel
  • Christian Counseling
  • Auto Mechanics

We are also in need of professionals in a variety of construction trades to help us with our maintenance and growth of our properties

Justin (picture to the right) is a graduate of our men’s program in 2015. He was been a terrific resident, finding work right after coming and keeping the same job during his entire tenure here. In his last year with us he was blessed by having major dental work completed by Dr. Dana Perno of Comfort Care Dental in Chandler. He shared that it has made a tremendous difference in his confidence and his interaction with people. We are so thankful that they worked with him over a six-month period to help him with dental work he has needed for many years. Thank you and God Bless to Dr. Perno and his staff!

Contact us at 602-679-0223