It’s Easy to Lose Hope When You’re Part of the Working Poor

Living paycheck to paycheck. That’s the plight of the working poor. If for whatever reason you lose that paycheck, you’re out on the streets. That’s what happened to Mike until he came to House of Refuge Sunnyslope (HRS). He went from being jobless to losing hope to becoming ordained.

Mike Davis (fondly known as “Big Mike”) came to HRS in July, 2014 and quickly gained the respect of the staff and residents with his gentle demeanor and his love of the Word. He became the Night Manager in Sept 2014 and served in that role for a year and a half before successfully completing our program.

Here is his story of transformation finding hope:

When I came to HRS, I was broken both literally and figuratively. I had shattered my wrist, which resulted in losing my job. I was beginning to lose hope that I would be able to work and I was losing my faith in God.

Thankfully, Paul & Doug came alongside and mentored me.

I gained so much insight through the Bible Studies.  Steve, Lou, Ray and Martha all helped me to see that…

…being a Christian does not mean there won’t be problems.

It simply means handling them in a different way. I found renewed faith and learned to study God’s word. I enjoyed serving as the night manager. I loved working with all the volunteers and the ladies from House of Hope and Promise. It was a privilege to serve and pray for these people and I still do today!

From Jobless to Losing Hope to Becoming Ordained - Mike's Story

Soon after leaving HRS, family issues brought me to North Dakota. I met a Pastor up there who discerned that I was bound for big God things. He asked me to put together a couple of Bible Studies and after seeing that I had a grasp of the doctrine, he set me up with an ordination course and after several interviews and much prayer, I was ordained as an elder.

Since becoming ordained, I have been contacted by three ministers in Africa, asking me to get ready to come to Kenya, Mozambique, and South Africa. I am currently working on VISA’s and passports and hope to be spreading the Gospel internationally by year end.

I hope to be a capable servant to my Church and people I meet and bring them to an understanding of Jesus and his grace.

It all comes down to Romans 6:23 (my favorite verse)

“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Before my time at House of Refuge, I thought no one would even listen to me. The Holy Spirit does work in mysterious ways and Romans 8:28 is always right.

“All things work together for good for those who believe and are in Christ Jesus.”

If this story moved you, you can help House of Refuge by donating or volunteering.

God is on the move!

God uses mentors and volunteers to help give hope to the hopeless. If you have compassion for “the least of these”, click here for more information on Volunteering. 

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