From the Director: Reflections on the Gala and the Graduates

“Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder things of the past.  Behold, I will do something New!”  Isaiah 43:18-19

What a night! On April 21st, 2018 we celebrated 30 years of Making All Things New at our Fundraising Gala. We were amazed at the overwhelming financial support from business sponsors, table sponsors, and individual guests. Through them, God provided $120,000 that will go directly to future projects to improve our housing for residents. Simply Amazing!

With the verse from Isaiah in mind, we sought out stories from graduates that reflected a  life made new. We have hundreds and hundreds of great stories to tell, and I had the opportunity to work with 17 graduates of the program. These men and women, some of them pictured here, were invited as our VIP guests.

Graduates House of Refuge Sunnyslope GalaIn their old lives, 15 suffered from addiction, 7 spent time in prison, 4 lived on the street at one time, most had fractured relationships, and all had lost hope. NOW, their new lives include relationships with 23 children (plus a new child this summer) and 3 grandchildren, 7 marriages, 6 have purchased homes, college, new careers, and many relationships within God’s community. Their graduations span 12 years and their transformations are so profound, they could only be authored by God.

They still face challenges but are hardworking, God loving, happy people. The common thread I noticed is they decided to give up on the old way of living and surrendered to another way, God’s way. They began to listen to what God was saying to them, to seek wise counsel from others, to value accountability, and to let God’s love transform them from the inside out.

After the gala, one of them shared –

“I cannot imagine a life now without the Son.  All you did was point the way, and I went.  That’s all anyone of us can ever do – is Point The Way.”  Jules S.

To commemorate 30 years of Making all Things New, we put together a graduate booklet featuring these 17 graduates. I would love to share this, please contact us or call at 602-678-0223 and I will send you a booklet of 17 inspiring stories!

Julie Supplee
Executive Director

Here’s some pictures of our graduates having a great time:

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