Our food ministry provides food for all the meals for our residents. It also allows us to provide food boxes to families in our neighborhood and share with other ministries. Monday through Friday volunteers use our vehicles to pick up food at many different grocery stores and restaurants. The food is sorted, stored and shared the same day. We need volunteers!


Prepare dinners, 7 days a week, for up to 36 men in our House of Refuge program and up to 10 women in our House of Promise program. Prepare, serve and enjoy the meal with the residents. We have separate kitchens for each program. It is a great way to get to know residents and see wht God is doing in their lives.

Look interesting?

Call 602-678-0223 for more information.

Kitchen Volunteer

Spend a morning helping to sort and organize incoming donations. Restock our men’s day room, wrap individual pastries, and help create food boxes for families. Shifts are about 4 hours, Monday through Friday.


Take one of our two vans, to go to grocery stores and pick up food donations. You will work a scheduled route and when you return to the ministry you will help unload the van, weigh the food, and quickly put it safely away in the fridge or freezer. Additional duties include sanitizing ice chests, re-stacking boxes, and taking out trash. Each shift lasts approximately two hours. Must have valid drivers license to drive and ability to lift food boxes. Shifts are from 2 – 3 hours, Monday through Friday.