Debbie’s Story from Being Lost to Finding Promise

On July 20, 2017, we had the pleasure to celebrate the first graduation from the House of Promise program for single women.

A Story of Hope and Promise: From Addiction and Incarceration to Freedom

House of Promise Living Room

House of Promise came into existence because of the large number of incoming calls from single women with no kids, no drug or alcohol abuse and there was no place to refer them. In the fall of 2014, we found an ideal property with two houses on the same lot. Both houses were fully renovated to offer a cozy atmosphere for women who are “lost, confused, abused and heartbroken,” like Debbie.

Debbie called us in Sept. 2015, and within a week she was accepted into the program and her prayers were answered. A week later, she had a job which she still holds.

Here’s her story of how God used House of Promise to change her life…

“I knew this was the place for me!”

“I saw the love and the joy from the start and I knew things were going to be OK.”

Part of Debbie’s story, not in the video, tells of her past drug abuse. She’s been clean and sober for 8 years. She left an abusive relationship with her son and had no place to go so she got on Google and found House of Refuge Sunnyslope.

Debbie's Story from Being Lost to Finding Promise

Debbie was able to purchase a car through the program & pay it off in 10 months!

When we get calls for housing, the women think they’re getting just a bed or a cot in a shelter. When they see the beautiful home, many are brought to tears. Group dinners, life skills classes and Bible studies in the evenings build community and prepare them to become self-sufficient and live on their own after they finish the program, which can be up to 16 months.  Another component of becoming self-sufficient is to learn to budget and save money.  Our moving on program puts aside 20% of all program fees they pay and is distributed to them when they leave. Residents in good standing can take advantage of our vision, dental, scholarship, and auto purchase programs.

An important part of having a successful life transformation is our mentoring program. Women and men are “matched” with a mentor who guides them in strengthening their relationship with Jesus Christ. Moreover, they help them reach their goals and have a successful life change. We truly enjoy celebrating their graduation from the program.

Here is Susan’s story of her experience as Debbie’s mentor…

As she (Deb) saw God answer her prayers — big and small — she realized that there’s no one right way to pray… she has become comfortable with praying. 

We are always looking for mentors and volunteers. Click here for more information. 

‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’
Jeremiah 33:3

Pictured above: Susan, Lisa (former Women’s Program Manager), Debbie, Sarah (new Women’s Program Manager) and Julie (House of Refuge Sunnyslope Executive Director)

Most of our residents come to us with nothing. Your generous donations help us provide them with the daily essentials including meals. Click here to view our regular “needs list” and make a donation. 

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