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Ed’s childhood held a sense of normalcy. He was an intelligent young man who breezed through school and decided to go to massage therapy school as his vocation. He married, had a son and felt life was healthy. The rush of life began to bring pressure and temptation from the world and drugs started to…
Robin finally owns her car!

Robyn’s Story of Promise: Full of Hope for Tomorrow

From addiction to sobriety; from prison to freedom; Robyn found hope for tomorrow at House of Promise Sunnyslope (HPS). May 23, 2018: “One year ago today I walked out the prison gates for the second & last time. This past year has been nothing but one blessing after another. God has shown me what life,…
House of Hope Baptism July 2018

Four House of Hope Moms & a Teen get Baptized!

In July, we had six residents from our Women’s Program baptized at First Christian Church. This included four women and one teenage young man from  House of Hope.  It’s amazing how God is working in their lives. Watch their testimonies and below are a few of their stories. Hawa Hawa is originally from Africa and she…

A Volunteer’s Story: Where God Wanted Her to Be

Moira Winter started volunteering at House of Refuge Sunnyslope (HRS) approximately 18-20 years ago. She came to cook one night to cover as a favor for an acquaintance and stayed. Little did she know how God would use her in the next 20 years and beyond. Dinner with the guys She connected with the men.…
David Atkins, former director of House of Refuge Sunnyslope

When You Look Back, Don’t Forget to Look Ahead

In digging through archives in preparation for the 30th Anniversary Gala, we came across a newsletter from April 2001, written by then director of House of Refuge Sunnyslope (HRS), David Atkins. It provides us with a revealing look back at what HRS was like then and it helps us look at where we are now…
Roberto's Story: Saved by Grace from Addiction

Roberto’s Story: Transformed by Grace from Addiction

Roberto came to House of Refuge Sunnyslope in 2005. He was struggling with an addiction to methamphetamines. He knew he needed help. He tried other programs, but they weren’t Christian or they didn’t allow him to work. He needed to work to cover child support. “I knew I needed to change and I felt a…