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Ed’s childhood held a sense of normalcy. He was an intelligent young man who breezed through school and decided to go to massage therapy school as his vocation. He married, had a son and felt life was healthy. The rush of life began to bring pressure and temptation from the world and drugs started to…

3 Residents take Advantage of our Scholarship Program

House of Refuge Sunnyslope (HRS) has a scholarship program that’s available for residents in good standing. The program focuses on job-ready education such as earning a GED, attending college, trade schools, or earning certifications in their field of interest. This gives them a crucial leg-up to better job opportunities. Here are 3 stories of residents…
From Homeless to Graduate

From Homeless to Grads Thanks to our Scholarship Program

The House of Refuge Sunnyslope (HRS) scholarship program is available for residents in good standing to attend college, trade schools, or earn certificates that help them to become job-ready. Many of our residents come from a situation that has left them homeless. Recently, two women successfully used their scholarships to move into new careers. Allison’s…