4 More Lives Changed by God for the Better

4 More Lives Changed by God

Four more men successfully completed the House of Refuge Sunnyslope (HRS) transitional housing program and on January 21, 2018, we celebrated how God transformed their lives.

Johnny gives his testimonyJohnny:

Abel Sambrano, our men’s program manager spoke about Johnny. He admired his humility, willingness to work, and volunteering to help around campus. Previously, Johnny’s life revolved around drugs and alcohol for 25-30 years. He’d tried everything he could to turn his life around, but ended up in prison.

“Coming into the House of Refuge was a blessing in disguise… When I was getting out, I couldn’t go to back to the same place I’d been in… If it was going to a halfway house, HRS is the place to be.”  Johnny


Dale successfully completed the men's programMarcos, one of the men’s mentors, spoke for Dale. During his stay here, Dale was baptized and also had a cancer scare, which he is now cancer free. He is also part of the Chaplaincy training program at Scottsdale Bible Church Cactus Campus and has been in the ‘Men Discipling Men’ ministry.

Marcos was by Dale’s side through his surgery and encouraged him to get into the Chaplaincy program.

“I look forward to a higher calling… I’ve been a user and a taker and I want to give back. I want to give back to the Lord. I want to make a difference in my life and help people who are hurting.”  Dale

Robert gives his testimonyRobert:

Sammy, another mentor, spoke first about his own background. Sammy had a similar background — “you remember where you came from”. He found Jesus, turned his life around and was called by God to give back. When he met Robert, he told him of his story.

“There were a few times in my life when I made some bad decisions…
“I have kids now. I have a reason to live.”  Robert

Robert held a consistent job while at HRS and became an encourager to other men.  Like many of our residents when they first leave and are alone in their own places, they have a bit of tough time. Robert realized how strong the fellowship was at HRS and how he needed to draw close to God. He has been rebuilding his relationship with his kids.  What seemed impossible two years ago has now changed and

his daughter now lives him.

Harold gives his testimonyHarold:

When Harold first entered the program at HRS, he got a chance to work with Steve White at Crystal Green Services. However, he had had some trouble in California and he went back there to serve his time. Steve drove him to California and kept his job open for when he came got out. Usually, guys would hide out and avoid going back to jail. Not Harold. He went back willingly, served his time and came back.

“God helped me… House of Refuge is great place. They helped me stay clean and sober… They see things that you don’t see in yourself… I thank God that things worked out like they did… I know all I needed to do to stay focused was God in my life and a job that I like, but God showed me that I needed a little bit more… if it wasn’t for Steve and HRS, I don’t know where I’d be… I’m almost 4 years clean now.”  Harold

When asked about the evening, Abel responded:

Abel, Men's Program Manager“Words can’t describe the overwhelming joy, seeing the work God has done in helping to transform the lives of these men.”


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